Meet My Clients


I've been incredibly fortunate to work with many enthusiastic, smart, and inspiring women who have accomplished amazing things. Here are some of the kind words they've shared with me:


I feel so empowered now to take control of my health, my weight, and my happiness!

-Rachel Y., Virginia

Paige wants to see you succeed but does it in a supportive way. She is extremely organized and provides you with so many ways to connect with others who are trying to reach some of the same goals. The environment is always open and wonderful and you learn so much that you can't believe that the time is over.

-Angel M., Virginia




The best part of the Detox was probably the community — we had weekly phone calls, journaling, email listservs and more. I loved hearing about other people’s struggles and achievements, and it also reminded me to reset once a week and evaluate how I was feeling. [Paige is] calm, understanding — and not preachy. When people would share struggles, she would talk them through it and, in many cases, tell us that it’s OK not to be on plan 100%. If we found that our bodies did well with gluten, we could have it in moderation. It was always OUR challenge, not hers. And there was no judgement. [Read More...]

-Katy W., Winter Park, FL



Paige provided excellent “coaching” just like you would expect from a sports coach, only her arena was heath. One of the things I appreciated the most was her very good ability to get you to think outside of your own  personal box. She is great at enabling you to keep making progress even when you are on your own!

-Elizabeth L., Haymarket, VA




I've participated in one-on-one coaching and some of the one-time teleclass workshops.  Paige is a dedicated and knowledgeable health coach that will really work with you to help you find your healthiest self.  She is a great motivator and partner and a wealth of information when it comes to new and exciting methods to help overcome unhealthy habits you'd like to change.

-Jenny F., Morgantown, WV




With the 28 Day Detox Challenge I really enjoyed the call-ins that we had. We talked with Paige and discussed what was going on. Through this challenge, I was able to become more in tune with my body. I found that the more I focus on a plant-based diet, the better I feel. I have more energy, eat a more variety, etc. I am so grateful that I took the chance to do this challenge. [Read More...]

-Kathleen B., San Antonio, TX





[Paige is a] fantastic listener; it never feels like she is judging you for how you’re currently doing things or what you want to work on. She is able to help you make change easy – I think it’s because she patiently works while ideas set in, so it’s like you’ve come to the conclusion yourself! All of this has truly been life-changing. I feel like there is so much more to learn and so much further I can go…. And I feel like it’s all actually achievable since we take changes one step at a time.

-Claire A., Alexandria, VA

Paige’ s enthusiasm is definitely contagious. Her genuine interest in your total health is evident. She is committed to help you get the information and encouragement that you need on the event topic. However, she also wisely addresses not only what you eat, but also your exercise, and emotional well being. You instantly find out that she is there to encourage, enlighten, listen, and offer insights and hints along the way. I particularly like the fact that she goes through it with you so that she knows what you are going through. It was well worth the price of admission!

-Leslie D., Belton, MO




Jordan (left) with PaigeI came to Paige concerned about my weight and all-around health. I am an incredibly picky eater and she helped me find healthier things that I actually liked. Instead of removing everything bad I was eating, Paige traded bad things for good things. I'm still eating the same amount, just better choices! I've lost 20 pounds and feel physically and emotionally better!

-Jordan L., Warrenton, VA



I have really enjoyed my time working with Paige.  She always knew the right questions to ask and helped me dig deep down inside to find the best solutions for what will work for me.  She didn't have a set program, but worked around my issues and made it very personalized.  She helped me set achievable short term and long term goals, some easy and some very challenging, and I achieved most of them during the 6 months we worked together.  If you want to make your life as healthy as it can be, Paige will help you find the right way to do it.

-Shelley H., Matawan, NJ